Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Rock atau dwayne johnson died the rock mati r.i.p

Sebuah fanpage facebook mendakwa pelakon dan penggusti terkenal, Dwayne Johnson meninggal dunia selepas terjatuh ketika penggambaran Fast & Furious 7 di New Zealand.

Dakwaan itu disahkan tidak benar dan satu penipuan dengan tujuan untuk mendapatkan trafik banyak ke satu website yang tidak diketahui nama dan isi kandungannya. Mari baca penafian penuh pemalsuan berita kematian The Rock yang dikongsikan oleh portal theepochtimes beberapa hari lepas. Tq en azmyawangklanajaya.blogspot

sumber lain allgists

Facebook users in April 2014 began seeing viral posts teasing the story that actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson had died filming a stunt for Fast & Furious 7 (which recently began production four months after the death of series star Paul Walker) and offering links to a video report on the subject: RIP Dwayne Johnson 1972 – 2014
Such viral posts are part of a series of celebrity death hoaxes, clickjacking scams that typically take users who click through on them to Facebook look-alike sites for the purpose of tricking them into downloading malware, installing rogue Facebook apps, or filling out surveys. Users who take the bait often end up enabling rogue apps that request permission to access to their Facebook profiles and post under their accounts; those who incautiously grant such permission end up seeing the original post spammed to everyone on their friends list.
As Facebook notes in their list of “Security Tips”:
Never click suspicious links, even if they come from a friend or a company you know. This includes links sent on Facebook (ex: in a chat or post) or in emails. If one of your friends clicks on spam they could accidentally send you that spam or tag you in a spammy post. You also shouldn’t download things (ex: a .exe file) if you aren’t sure what they are.
Dwayne Johnson himself remains alive and well, reported.
Johnson has talked to MTV News’ Josh Horowitz about his new movie, “Hercules,” which you can catch an exclusive clip from tonight at 11 p.m. ET on MTV. Quickly, their conversation took a more educational turn.

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