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10.10.10 popular wedding date for couples nationwide
News 2010-10-11 10:25

KUALA LUMPUR, Sunday 10 October 2010 (Bernama) -- Some may wonder what lies within a number, but for others, the numbers 10. 10. 10 associated with the date 10.10.2010 is unique and auspicious.

To the Chinese community, Oct 10 is considered a lucky day to wed whereas Muslims, who do not believe in such a thing, prefer to choose a public holiday to get married.

Today six Chinese couples and another mixed couple (Chinese woman and English man) chose to tie the knot simultaneously at the Kuala Lumpur Tower.

They recited their wedding vows before signing their marriage registration certificate before an officer from the National Registration Department.

In PUTRAJAYA, National Angkasawan Datuk Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor and his sweetheart Dr Halina Mohd Yunos received wide media coverage on their wedding.

The couple's marriage solemnisation took place at the Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin Mosque in Putrajaya while the wedding reception, themed "Malay Warrior in aMythical Palace", was held at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre and was attended by 100 astronauts from 35 countries.

In KUALA TERENGGANU, Sani United Sdn Bhd (SUSB) managing director Datuk Wan Mohamad Sani Salleh, 34, owner of the Sani Express express buses chain ended his bachelorhood with Fatimah Dalilah Omar, 30, who is the daughter of a successful contractor in the state.

Their couple's marriage solemnisation took place at the Crystal Mosque in the Islamic Civilisation Park at 11.30am, whereby the ritual was performed by the bride's father, Omar Endut, with Batu Buruk Mosque's imam, Mohd Shukri Harun, acting as the witness.

The bride received 13 trays of wedding gifts including a dowry of RM100,000, a Mercedes Benz CLK car, a set of jewellery and a Rolex watch, while the groom obtained 15 trays of wedding gifts including a Rolex watch, a pair of Versace shoes and a copy of the Quran.

In KELANTAN, 39 couples, of which 11 were Orang Asli and 28 Chinese, decided to get married simultaneously.

The Orang Asli couples tied the knot at Pos Sungai Raul in Jeli, which involved teenaged Jahai couples, aged between 13 and 26, who reside in several villages in the area.

The ceremony, which began at 10am and ended two hours later, was jointly organised by the Kelantan Islamic Affairs and Malay Customs Council (MAIK) and Islamic Development Department (JAKIM).

Meanwhile, the 28 Chinese couples carried out their wedding ceremonies together at the Chinese Chamber of Commerce Hall in Kota Baharu at 9.30am which was witnessed by their respective families.

They were registered before Kelantan Federation of Tiong Hwa Association, Lim Seng Hui.

In ALOR SETAR, Oct 10, 2010 marked history for journalist couple Chin Ai Tee,37, and Tan Guan Cheong, 46, as their welcomed their third child today.

Tan, who is a photographer with The Star newspaper, expressed his happiness when his wife, who is The Chinese Press Kedah and Perlis Bureau chief, safely delivered a 2.80 kilogramme baby at 10.10am at the Kedah Medical Centre.

Tan said according to Chinese beliefs, 10.10.10 was an auspicious date as it was a perfect day for weddings or give birth.

"I hope my baby will live a complete and good life," he said.

Meanwhile, in ALOR SETAR, two siblings and their cousin chose Oct 10, 2010 to hold their weddings.

The three couples who are Asleenda Mohamad@Azizan, 25, and her spouse Muzamil Abd Khadir, 24, Asleenda's brother Shairizal Mohamad@Azizan, 27, and his spouse Emilia Nabila Ishak, 23, as well as their cousin Sharmi Diyana Hilmi, 24, and her sweetheart Mohd Zaqlulaffiq Zainorin, 23, held their reception at the Insaniah University College Hall here.

Asleenda said they decided on the date after discussions and agreement among the three couples.

"As my brother had his marriage solemnisation in February and my cousin recently got engaged, we decided to have a combined wedding reception," said Asleenda when met at the wedding reception.

She said their wedding will be an unforgettable event and they hoped their marriages will be blessed.

"We never expected to have a combined wedding. It was all planned unexpectedly," she added.

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